Why they chose Webphoria!

We win lots of work based on recommendations from  existing clients but if you want to know why the rest of clients chose use then let us enlighten you. We recently ran a marketing exercise and asked our last 30 clients why they chose Webphoria over our competitors:

Here are the results of that questionnaire:

Location Location Location

Locality has played a big part in the success of Webphoria and its associated companies. We have had a couple of different offices over the last ten years but have consistently maintained a presence where it all began – Stockport. Stockport has a number of other web design agencies but none with the knowledge and expertise that Webphoria possesses. A lot of clients simply want a web design agency local to them, with easy access to parking and a door they can knock on at any time. We currently have a number of clients based on the same road in Stockport.

No Hard Sell

Any successful salesperson will tell you that you never end a meeting without trying to close the client and we would agree with that but we never do it! We like to leave clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision as to whether we are the right fit for them. Post meeting we email over our quotation and will follow it up with ONE call to make sure you don’t have any questions and thats it! No pressure sales tactics, discount offers for signing up, calls to our manager or today only offers. One price and a request that you compare our quote on a like for like basis.

Come on down the Price is Right!

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” has never been truer and despite being told on many occasions that our quote has been too cheap to be considered serious we are well aware that there are some agencies that charge even less and those that charge substantially more. A client recently told us that they had been to see all of our competitors in the Manchester Web Design arena from the 1 man band working out of his back room to the fancy city centre offices with 20 staff and ipad presentations. They understand that a web design quote is often based on what a company needs to cover its overheads. We run an incredibly slick operation with low overheads and out of town offices but are more than capable of holding in our own in terms of quality of work and customer satisfaction.

They said it couldn’t be done!

The debate for Open Source Vs Bespoke builds still rages and many agencies prefer to use open source solutions. Our answer has always been that if a “1 size fits all” solution works for you and does everything you need it to do then use it but be warned once you need it to do something new thats when you run into expensive development costs. Using our own bespoke development platforms we have been able to do what they said couldn’t be done and what’s more we’ve done it at Open Source prices. Want a custom built ecommerce site? No problem! Want to let your customers personalise their purchases? No problem! Want to streamline your entire back end processes taking data from legacy systems? No problem!

Our clients chose us because we made the impossible possible. On budget and in time.

Judging a book by its cover

We always say that the only way to compare one web design agency to another is to compare their work. Not only should you look at their portfolio page but look at their own website. Does it look they take pride in their work or do you notice that all their work looks the same. Webphoria recently went through a complete rebranding exercise resulting in a new logo and website – we did this not because there was anything wrong with the old ones but times are changing and trends change and as an agency we have to ensure we deliver our clients websites and applications that are at the cutting edge of design and not yesterdays news.

Our clients have told us that when they looked at our work they liked what they saw.

One stop shop

Websites, ecommerce sites, brochure sites, mobile sites, logos, business cards, branding, marketing, search engine optimisation, shop and vehicle signage, roller banners, exhibitions stands, letterheads, graphic design, domain names, website hosting, web applications, photography, smartphone applications, networking and more all form the “one stop shop” ethos behind everything we do. If its to do with your businesses marketing then we either do it or we work with something that does.

Our money back guarantee

No web design agency in Manchester is publicly offering a money back guarantee on the quality of their work! But for one. Webphoria have offered a no quibble money back guarantee since day one  if a client is not happy with our design work. We work tirelessly to ensure we listen to our clients and  deliver to them what they want first time! If that doesn’t happen we will work and work until we get it right. If we are still no closer and the client requests it they will receive back 100% of their deposit.



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