Webphoria are experts in all of the latest web design technologies to create maximum impact and exposure to the search engines and your clients. Utlising CSS, Flash web design and either the ASP or PHP programming languages we can add attractive, dynamic content that looks great in both Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mac browsers.

With the advent of Web 2.0 we have invested in our staff to ensure they are competent in the leading technologies including ASP.NET and Ajax.

All of our website conform to the standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium.


Webphoria Website Design can create more interactive website designs using Flash but the technology has increasingly been superceded by JQUERY. Jquery allows a lot of custom animations for things such as scrollers, show/hide elements, animations, moveable content and a whole host of other amazing uses. Better still its compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets.

If you thought garlic bread was the future its not!


These two scripting languages allow you to change the content on your website whenever you like. Utilising database technologies such as Access, MSSQL and MYSQL we can develop news modules, e-commerce sites, e-marketing applications and custom web applications you control.

ASP websites are hosted on our Windows server whereas PHP pages are hosted on our Linux server. Regardless of the type of site or your current website hosts Webphoria Website Design can build your site in any mainstream web technologies.


With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies and the demand from users for increased interactivity, Ajax has really come to the fore. Allowing the user to interact with a website in ways they never imagined and all seamlessly as well. As Ajax is a browser language the user never has to see whats going on in the background.


All Webphoria website designs are produced utilizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This has numerous benefits for our clients’ websites including:

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines can spider CSS built web pages much more easily than those constructed with alternative technologies. This is because CSS designed websites have simpler better structured HTML code. This allows the search engines to make a more informed decision what the content of the web page is about. So if all other things are equal, a CSS constructed web page will appear higher in the search rankings than a page constructed without a CSS layout.

Faster Download Times

CSS designed websites download faster than those produced using other technologies, such as tables. With CSS the designers and developers have the ability to control the order that items on the page download on to the screen. This allows the text content to appear before slow-loading images. This means that site users can start to interact with your site almost immediately and visitors will not go elsewhere. CSS requires less coding per page than tables and all the code that relates to each pages layout can be placed in an external CSS document. This will be called up just once and then cached on the user’s computer. If a site has a table layout each HTML document must be loaded up each time a new page downloads.


The number of users browsing the web through handheld devices is growing massively. CSS allows for documents to be produced specifically for handheld devices, these will be called up in place of the regular CSS document viewable by normal web users. This means that more people, irrespective of accessing platform can access your web documents reliably and effectively, this helps to maximise your potential returns.


When a user chooses to print a web page an alternative CSS document is called up. This document can specify that formatting, images and navigation disappear and just the page content appears on the printed version.


From building websites to
offline material we offer a broad range of services.