Is the IPAD 1 the best Ipad to have?

The ipad1 was the first tablet computer to be released by Apple Inc. Released on April 3, 2010 – the Ipad1 heralded a new era in mobile computing and set the technorati into a tailspin. With its innovative touch screen interface anyone including the dog (if recent youtube videos are to be believed) can use it to play games, surf the web, watch movies and check your email.

Having been one of the first Ipad buyers in Manchester (i queued at Currys as opposed to the Apple Store) i plumped for the 32GB 3G model and havent even considered upgrading it despite being a lover of all the latest kit!

Why you ask?

It works! It does what i ask it to do.

Do i need more pixels? No!

Do i need a front facing camera? No!

Is that it?

No – the reason why the Ipad1 is my favourite and why it still commands used prices of £200 even when the Ipad Mini is a similar price is because it is ALMOST indestructible. I have seen 5 newer Ipads with broken screens, dented casings and others that have had total failures.

With 3 kids under 10 years old using the Ipad on a daily basis – it has been dropped, had coke spilt on it, been half way round the world, been buried in the sand in Dubai and is still going strong.

The 3G on a PAYG 5p per MB package with Orange means that if i’m out and about and cant get a a BT WIFI signal i can always switch it on – awesome for client meetings where they don’t have internet access (yes there are some businesses that aren’t online).

Surely something must be wrong with it!

Oh ok then – yes it has slowed down but i put that down to amount of apps, music, movies and photos we have crammed onto it – nothing a hard reset wouldn’t cure. And it weighs a ton especially when its in its leather case.

Apple Ipad1

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