Web Design Manchester

Every business owner should have a good website. Your website is not just an online business card – it is the first part your of your business that many of your customers will see. This means that it is essential that you put forward the best possible impression. Your website must look good, perform well and have all of the functionality that your visitors have come to expect in a high quality websites.

A web design agency in Manchester that businesses can trust

Webphoria is a specialist web design agency based in Manchester, which has a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating websites that are not only functional but user and customer focussed. At Webphoria we take pride in offering bespoke web design solutions that Manchester based businesses feel confident in turning to. We create bespoke websites for every customer, tailor made for your industry, to your functional requirements, complete with ecommerce features, blogs, contact forms and other essential features.

Website Design

Every website we create at Webphoria is carefully designed to perfectly compliment the branding of you company, providing the perfect shop window online. We never use templates or turnkey designs, we take pride in our custom-coded, attractive and stylish web sites. If you choose Webphoria, you can be confident that your website will be practical, functional, unique and a true reflection of your brand. Whether you are a small to medium sized company based in Manchester, a national or you international business, we can help ensure that your online offering is perfect for your target audience.

Offline branding

In addition to our online design services, we also offer offline graphic design and branding solutions. Do you need a new logo, letterhead, or business card professionally designed? We can help you create a full memorable brand which will stand the test of time

Ecommerce Solutions

There are a lot of off the shelf ecommerce systems to choose from such as Magento, Umbraco, BigCommerce and many more, but most of them are ‘one-size-fits-all’ systems that may not have the customisation or bespoke features that your business requires to become a success online. With our bespoke website designs, you can pick and choose the features that you want to use, and not have to worry about confusing your customers with a frustrating and overly busy website designs. Get the sleek, professional looking design that you want your brand to be known for and most importantly portrays your business in the perfect light for your online customers.


Search Engine Optimisation is important. After all, you probably found Webphoria by searching for something like ‘website design Manchester’. People will find your business in a similar way. Optimising your site for the search engines requires both coding knowledge and content creation skill, as well as the ability to network with other webmasters. We can help you to get the rankings that your business deserves in the search engines. It is one thing to have a great looking website full of function, but if people can’t find your site you will never unlock the full potential of your business online

To discover how Manchester based online marketing agency Webphoria can help make your business a success online contact us on 0161 881 9711 or complete our online contact form.


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