Apple Watch – What will it do?

The death of the Apple innovation machine has bought out the rumour mill once more with talk shifting from Apple Tv’s to the Apple watch.

Apple has surely taken notice of the amount of crowd sourced funding the Pebble E-Paper Watch received where the $100,000 requested ballooned to over $10 million!

Is the world waiting for an IWatch that does more than just hold your Ipod Nano or play Donkey Kong? Watches have become the new fashion accessory epitomised by the classic Casio F-19W which is available for as little as £15 in some stores.

In fact Casio themselves has produced an “IWatch” the G-Shock which can sync with your Iphone delivering emails and call alerts direct to your watch via Bluetooth as well as featuring an “Out Of Range” sensor ensuring your never too far from your phone. The watch requires the download of an App and has no call answering functionality but has no doubt whetted the appetite for Apple Fanbois as to what they would want to see on an Apple watch.

Apple IWatch – The Rumours

Screen Size:

A number of news site reckon on a 1.5″ touch screen device.


One button control to wake it up – held down to activate Apples voice assistant Siri.

Basic Features:

At the bare minimum we would expect the following:

  • Email and Message notifications
  • Caller ID and Call Answering
  • Access to Iphone/ICloud contacts
  • Watch specific apps for joggers/cyclists/calorie counters
  • Adjustable watch faces
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ipod controls
  • Available in Black and White
  • Access to Weather apps

What We Would Like To See:

  • A front facing camera for taking pictures, Facetime and Skype is surely the killer feature that will drive sales. The future is nigh!
  • Apple Maps or even better Google Maps! Turn by turn navigation for walkers and cyclists
  • Lots of Aluminium – almost like wearing a Macbook Pro on your wrist
  • Unlocks as the user raises their wrist
  • Accelerometer
  • Variety of colours
  • Personalised backgrounds
  • Wide screen and not square
  • Decent battery life! (we wont be holding our breath)

So will Apple be producing an IWatch? The realists would say no – the fantasists would love to say yes. Innovation is synonymous with Apple and if they were going to put their name to an IWatch it will surely be spectacular.

What will it look like

Well we dont know that but have a look at the article on the Guardians website where some designers have speculated on what the Apple IWatch might look like.


Has Apple been beaten to releasing a smartwatch? Neptune have developed an Android smartwatch which is due to be released this year:

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