Does your website look as good on a smartphone as it does on a web browser?

Our clients are seeing over 30% of their traffic via Iphone/Amdroid smartphones and the numbers are increasing.

Mobile websites replicate the key information on your websites optimised for display on all modern mobiles.

A Mobile websites built by Webphoria are compatible with all the major smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 phones as well as tablets.

Using the latest Jquery and HTML5 uur mobile websites have been tested and re-tested to work with the latest mobile browsers.

Why have a mobile website?

As well as being optimised for a smaller screen mobile websites ensure all of your sites functionality work on a mobile screen. Elements such as Flash and YouTube videos can be displayed using alternative technologies such as Jquery and HTML5 to ensure you get your message across.

Users also find it more difficult to navigate around a full website and frequently have to employ pinch and zoom to click links ect – a mobile website from Webphoria employ simple click and swipe technologies with easy to use elements for drop downs, search, form filling and buying online.

I have an ecommerce site – can you create a mobile version?

Yes – we have already developed a mobile ecommerce version for a number of clients – get in touch for a demonstration.

How does the user see the mobile version?

We have a special block of code we add to your website which detects the presence of a smartphone and automatically redirects the user to the mobile version.

What if the user wants to see the full website?

We believe in choices and always provide a link back to your full website from the mobile version and vica versa.

What do mobile websites look like?

We always use your own website as the basis for the design of a mobile website – some mobile elements are standard across all designs but are fully customisable so we can protect your brand across both versions.

Can you show me a mobile website you have developed?

Sure – have a look at our latest creation – CLICK HERE on any smartphone to see an example of a mobile website.

How much does a mobile site cost?

A mobile website costs from ONLY £300!


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offline material we offer a broad range of services.