New logo, new site, new skills, new clients

New Logo

What do you think? After 10 years our logo had started to look tired and we set about emabarking on a design process that has taken over a year of developing, tweaking, changing, re-colouring, re-designing and mind changing before we finally settled on our new branding – AND WE LOVE IT!
Do you?

New Site

Being the perfectionists we are we took a long time researching what we wanted from our new website.

  • Funky and fresh design
  • Unique design features
  • Some sort of character or symbol
  • Dark and sexy
  • Different from everyone else
  • Lots of social networking integration
  • Easy to find news and articles

After looking at agency website from Sheffield to San Francisco and cherry picking the best elements from all of them we set about designing a site that embraces the next generation of web standards, CSS3 and Jquery. IE6 users need not apply!

New Skills

Our PHP skills just keep getting better and coupled with our new found love for WordPress our skills  set continues to encompass the best of the web for our clients. The Webphoria site has lots of Jquery, advanced CSS design and of course looks simply gorgeous!

Finally our management team has just stolen a secret weapon from one of our competitors – one of the most experienced SEO experts in Manchester has decided that Webphoria is where he needs to be working.

New Clients

After all this work on our site we have still managed to fill our order book with a number of new clients and project to work on.

Quick Loan Solutions – a loans company that wants Webphoria to help them integrate their new website into some third party software and payment systems.

Noughty Wines – an ecommece client that is Noughty in name only as they look to launch their alcohol free wines shop.

Direct Signs – have you seen sign company website? Yowzers! Some real shockers and direct signs ┬áhave decided that they are the ones to give the industry the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Full ecommerce and a sexy design to boot.

Bling Jewellery – A funky fresh ecommerce site built on our adaptable ecommerce platform. We dont say something is impossible – our bespoke built playform works for you the way you work.

Al-Khatt – Contemporary art and contemporary looks in this islamic art ecommerce website. Branding was completed last month and the site is well under construction.

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