Internet and cold call scams to be aware of

Just when you thought the PPI and Accident calls had started to subside the cold callers are using all that data for more sinister purposes. Here are some of the most common internet and cold call scams to look out for.

“Your PC has a virus”

Claiming to be from Mircrosoft, BT or your ISP this call preys on the less tech savvy amongst us claiming that you have a virus on your PC.They then proceed to go through proving this with a process which looks into your computers IP address or Task Manager. They will then offer to fix the fault by remote accessing your PC.

Allowing them access results in two things:

  • They install spyware which monitors your PC and granting them access to your personal data
  • They ask for a payment for the repair when in reality there is nothing wrong with your PC

Any computer can be kept virus free by installing a Free ant-virus program such as AVG or Windows Defender.

“Someone has tried to register your domain name”

Claiming to be from a domain name and intellectual property service this scam works by telling you that someone has tried to register an offshoot of your domain such as and whether you wish to allow them. Delve a little deeper and ask them who and you will get some vague explanation as to why they cant tell you.

This scam wants you to pay for the domain name in order to secure it for yourself – the price is heavily inflated – a quick search on any domain name registration website will show you that the domain is still available for purchase for a fraction of the price they are asking for.

“We are about to cancel your broadband”

Claiming to be from BT and there being a problem with your account they threaten to disconnect your broadband for a month if the outstanding balance isn’t payed. Tell them you dont mind being disconnected and prepare for a full on strop and prompt phone slam.

And the worst of the rest…

If thats not enough to deal with we are still encountering some of the old classics such as:

  • You’ve won a competition and need to pay and administration fee to claim the money
  • Your name matches someone with $100 million dollars in their account and by handing over your bank details you will get a cut
  • Discounted shares in Fortune 500 companies
  • Charging fees for European Health Insurance cards

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