Can a company offer you unlimited Google Adword clicks for a fixed fee?


After receiving a number of calls from clients mentioning that they had been approached by a company offering unlimited Google Adword clicks and top position on Google searches for the chosen keywords, we felt compelled to delve a little deeper with comical results.

The Offer From Amstron Technologies

The offer was top sponsored listings on either the premium position at the top of the page or on the right hand side of the Google results. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say and I agree. There are many reputable companies offering to manage your Adwords account for a fixed fee. This wasnt the problem. It was the offer of unlimited clicks for a flat fee of £175 per month that we found hard to believe.

Alarm Bells Start To Ring

They say that when something is too good to be true it usually is. The clients themselves thought it was a little too good to be true and called Webphoria for some advice. After looking through the email they had been sent a number of things caught our attention before we had even called Amstron to go through the proposal.

Heres what we found:

  • Graeme Mackintosh claimed to be calling from Google and sought to back this up by emailing the client from a “Google” account. Only it wasnt a Google account – it was a googlemail account. Freely available to anyone to sign up to.
  • The company Amstron Technologies had no web presence whatsoever. No sponsored links, no website, no directory listing. NOTHING. The telephone number failed to show up in any searches despite claims of “many years experience” and 100’s of clients already signed up.
  • Companies house confirms a company called Amstron Technologies was set up but was now dissolved.
  • The keywords he was offering can cost upto £5 per click – they are premium keywords. One simple calculation later and it would only take 35 clicks before the £175 monthly fee would be used up and our listing would start costing Amstron money. How can it work? How does this company make money?

Lets talk to Graeme…

I telephoned Graeme Mackintosh at around 5pm on 11/03/2009 when I got back from the office to go through the proposal with him. For those interested the number was 0870 803 4169 or you can catch him on his mobile on 07837 987493.

Our conversation started off quite cordially as he explained what he was offering to my client. He went through the offering, explained how much it would cost and how many keywords they would optimise the site for. He also explained how our natural listings would also benefit by the increase in paid promotion.

I listened to what he had to say and then asked him how it was possible to offer unlimited clicks for a fixed fee. After mentioning again that it was possible and that his technical team dealt with the specifics of how it worked he continued to give me his sales pitch and how it was all more than possible.

I mentioned again to Graeme that some of the keywords were quite costly and that after a few clicks would start costing Amstron money – he replied that he understood this and it was a risk that the company would absorb. At this point i think he was getting annoyed with me and when i asked to speak to one of the “technical team” he concluded our conversation.

The Aftermath…

This is the email Graeme Mackintosh sent to my client, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Thank you for your interest shown. I received a rather offensive call from your “website guru”, Numan, yesterday evening, questioning our business and how we’re able to offer you the deal that we did.

If he doesn’t have the knowledge how to tie the links together, I don’t think it’s his right to question how we do it and then tell me that it’s not possible.

Unfortunately that offer has now been accepted by one of your rival firms.

I wish you well in your endeavour to appear on Google. In closing may I suggest that it’s not very professional for someone like Numan (who should know what he’s talking about, but obviously doesn’t), to ring up and question our ethics and proposal.


Graeme Mackintosh
Business Solutions Advisor
Amstron Technologies
Tel: 0870 803 4169
Mob: 07837 987493

Frosty to say the least but I was definately not offensive and if Graeme was offended by my questions then I apologise to him but we still dont have answers to our questions.

It doesnt end there…

Annoyed that Graeme had emailed again to complain about my questions and to inform them of a “Rival” firm taking up the offer my client decided to retaliate in the way only he knows how…

Dear Graeme,

Your emails have been passed to me.

Firstly, DO NOT contact this firm again. You talk about being professional, well you’re approach certainly isn’t.

When I first spoke with XXXX about this, she seemed very interested. I told her that muppets from companies like the one you work for are a dime a dozen and to stay well clear. Judging by your response, you have cemented my initial thought that you are indeed a muppet. I’ll call you kermit from now on, as Graeme certainly won’t be your real name.

So kermit, you claim to be a well versed with google and the rankings system, and consider yourself professional. Why don’t you have a proper email address, instead of a ‘googlemail’ one. That’s the first sign of a con artist for me.

Questionning why our web expert called you is just stupid. You are attempting to con people out of money and get irate when someone calls you to ask what you are doing for the money. Well, that’s another sign of a con artist to me.

You have no web presence, errrmmmm con artist springs to mind again. It’s getting a bit repetetive now isn’t it kermit?

Basically, I have better things to do with my time kermit, but suffice to say that you have shown you true colours. Move onto the next con please.


Summing Up

There are still a lot of companies offering the unlimited clicks for fixed fee service and i am yet to meet anyone who has signed up to this and gotten what they pay for. If you work for Amstron or if Graeme himself wants to get in touch and explain their offering I would be happy to print a retraction.

If you have ever signed up for an unlimited clicks service and have been happy with what you have received then please get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you.

Update 09/04/10
We had received an email from a concerned user detailing an offer from with regards Unlimited Google Clicks. The email they received looked suspicous and they forwarded it to us for our opinion. After posting the email on this page and subsequently speaking to a representative at townpages he told us the following.

– There is no fixed fee for any keywords
– Fees are dependant on the popularity of the keywords and reflected in the price you pay
– They state that Credit card details are not taken and the client can cancel the direct debit at any time but if you view their terms and conditions this is not true.

This is an excerpt from townpages terms and conditions:

“AdWords 90 day trial will automatically continue into a further 12 month contract at the expiry of the 90 day trial (for which the additional payment will be due from you for the additional period of 12 months) unless cancelled in writing by notice to us within the first 60 days of the trial period. Please see terms and conditions for further details. ”

We still dont believe you can offer Unlimited Clicks but obviously they werent going to share their business model with us. The cost for keywords varies depending on the industry and market your operating in. Typcally personal injury, accident claims, cheap flights are amongst the most expensive keywords you can buy (upto £25 per click) and townpages dont offer these words in their unlimited clicks package for obvious reasons.

There are a number of online tools available for you to check the adwords spend of your competitors and using this tool and one of the examples the townpages rep gave me it showed a daily ad spend on between £0.40 and £4.40 for one of their clients. This equates to a maximum monthly charge of around £123. If this figure is accurate and the click through rate remains the same then they would be spending a maximum of £123 on that campaign per month . You can check the tool out yourself at:

UPDATE – 16/11/09:
Lavora Marketing are another company that have been accused of using this sales technique. A search for Lavora Marketing brings up a number of posting and websites dedicated to Lavora and their sales technique. If you come across any more companies claiming to be from Google, have an aggressive sales technique, dont deliver on their promises or are offering unlimited google clicks for a fixed fee please get in touch with us.

UPDATE – 23/11/09:
We had a telephone call from Michael at Lavora Marketing today to object to the comments on our website. Michael has stated that they DONT offer unlimited Google clicks for a fixed fee unlike the guys at Amstron. What they offer is sponsored google advert for 5 keywords in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. Of this fixed fee Mike told me that from this fixed monthly fee they charge a 30% management fee for the management of the campaign. Webphoria have a client currenly signed up with Lavora and they were able to tell me their experiences of Lavoras offering:

– They did not promise her Unlimited Clicks
– Although the advert appeared when they said it would it dissapeared shortly after
– She has had to chase them up on a number of occassions to ask where her advert was – it then subsequently re-appeared
– There was a lot of keyword duplication with her natural listings (i.e. she was paying for keywords she already ranks page 1 for)
– The adverts were generic and not tailored to the keyword typed and hence in our opinion not very well optimised

Mike was very honest in the bad press they have received and owned up to some past mistakes but claimed that they are very transparent in their offering and that all clients receive documentation detailing what they get for their money. He also mentioned that most of the postings were from a number of years ago but our research has seen comments as late as October 2009.

In our opinion 30% for managing an adwords campaign is a little steep for what is essentially a 5 minute job. Anyone can create an Adwords campaign within minutes and get their site to the top of Google. Our advice is to try it yourself first and if its too difficult look for a reputable agency to manage your PPC campaign. Most companies charge between 10 and 15% of total spend to manage an Adwords campaign for you.

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nerisa: posted on 2014-09-22 12:50:23
I have been approached by a company called "EZY ADWORDS" in australia. Anyone been scammed by them yet??? Pls let me know!! Thanks..

Mayo m: posted on 2014-05-27 22:22:34
I had a call today from a company emm solutions today offering me top place on google I also got rinsed by Nem solutions and these sounded just like there sales banter don't no weather. There on thee up and up just beware people when I mentioned Nem solutions . To the person on the line funny enough we where cut off .but didn't receive a call back just giving you all a heads up cheers

dave: posted on 2013-08-21 14:27:43
does anybody know of this company who have offered top spot on google. " "

CC: posted on 2013-07-31 14:12:11
I think if any company offers services like that for too cheap, there must be a catch Google Adwords is an expensive advertising tool you get what you pay for, there are no short cuts so i would'nt be taking them up on their offer.

Rich Fletcher: posted on 2013-06-16 20:58:25
I fell for the NE Media Solutions spiel and had one month of my address on Google and then a payment was taken from my account without my say so, and lo and behold my company name disappeared from Google search. I immediately went to the bank and reported them as fraud. The bank returned my money and charged them. One month later NEM Solutions rang and asked why their payments had stopped, so I'm now in the middle of a payment row. I did cancel by letter and gave 30 days notice, but they claimed they never received anything. I have proof of recorded delivery and all emails. Apprently I owe £144 for a month I didnt cancel. do I pay it to stop all this shite?

julie moore: posted on 2013-04-26 18:37:11
hi, has any one had any dealings with search engine easy, they keep ringing me with promises of unlimited ppc for a fixed price with unlimited keywords. is this possible? thanks julie

mr man: posted on 2013-03-09 02:33:27
has anyone had any experience with getclickedon or fulcrum media? They rang me repeatedly sayin they can get me on google first page (top5 listing) for about £50/month with vat. Over the phone they asked if I had used adword and as soon as I said yes, he said it doesn't really work and competition can click until it disappears and could cost a fortune etc.. anyway that soon passed and I believed I could be up on the generic google search results under 3 key words so I signed up.. What do I find next,, they have used adword! obviously I am up there after you type in the key words, but click on the link twice and its gone. I have been miss sold the service I thought I was getting but for £40/month how many clicks can I expect on brighton graphic design / graphic design in brighton? am I being ripped off as well as lied to?

Harpoon Media Ltd Manchester: posted on 2013-02-17 23:51:07
Harpoon media ltd in manchester called me last week to offer the same old google fixed fee. - stay away

Ash: posted on 2013-02-11 17:29:35
I had an issue with this company in 2012. They talked me into a rolling contract which has a 30 day cancellation notice, however they need this cancellation in paper, also e-mailing them or calling them is useless as they are so accustomed to unhappy customers that they will not hesitate to lie to you to make you feel more comfortable. Neither did i receive any sort of a review of how the ad campaign was doing nor expertise, instead, once payment was made they just stopped contacting me and happily took money out of my account every month. After cancelling their contract they tried to call the debt collectors on me because I contacted my bank to cut off their payment. Having successfully dealt with their lies and deceit with the Debt collection company I no longer received any phonecalls to harrass me any further. However somehow at the end of Januar 2013, NE MEDIA SOLUTIONS had the audacity to try and take money from my account, more than 6 months after I had previously realised their scam and cancelled all links with them. I have just finished signing an affadavit with my Bank and thought I'd pop on to let people know that these people only care about your money and after receiving what they need will do nothing to help your business. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS.. DON'T GIVE THEM A PENNY. THEY WILL TRY TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE FROM YOU WHILST GIVING NOTHING IN RETURN.

Paul Smith: posted on 2013-02-02 15:28:50
These companies seem to think they can do what they like and make any old promise that they have no intention of keeping to. Ridiculous.

Concerned: posted on 2013-01-21 19:50:21
I wonder if anyone has heard from a company claiming to be operating out of the UK called SocialEyes. They are offering guaranteed front page placement to your webpage when certain phrases are used in the google search engine. They help you select those phrases based on their research of the top search terms in your area. I recently signed up for this "deal" ($300 for a month for 5 phrases) and have yet to see my name come up once in the searches I have done using those phrases.

Joe: posted on 2013-01-15 19:54:06
Has anyone had any experience of as I ran a month google advertising with them firstly nobody got in contact as promised the go through the kepwords how ever they quickly took nearly 3 times as much as they should from my card apprently this was for other services on my website never saw anyother services I was promised just to try it for a month then they would call to see if I wanted to continue I emailed to say I didnt and surprise there was no call or reply to emails or fb messages to them then Ithey took more money from my card this was refunded by the bank and now over 2 months later have a call to say my account is active as I sent email to wrong department.... apprently the sales guy shouldnt have told me he would call and that I was told exactly what to do and where to send if I wanted to cancel and apprently I was told that I would have to give a months notice, I was never told this at anytime so I am waiting for recordings the women was really pushy on the phone and quite aggresive tonight anyone had dealings with them or any tips to what I should do thanks

Stephen Williams: posted on 2013-01-05 22:09:50
I will be a Google Adwords Professional as from next week and am already a Bing Ads Acredited Professional - I just wanted to say that if you want to ensure that you deal with a reputable adwords company or specialist always ensure that they are QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS which you can actually find easily by loading up the map section of Google and then entering google adwords qualified individual + location required . My next point is to whoever was stating how much PPC specialists should charge - Im sorry but its not for you to state what others should charge, At lots of these companies spend fortunes on call centres, call charges and wages compared to your potential one man setup with no real outgoings. You charge what you charge, If its the right company and they let you test the water to ensure that your investment brings a return then go for it. My advice is if you go around searching for the lowest charge you will end up with sharks like the ones discussed on this site - You pay peanuts you get monkeys..... after all to compare you wouldnt take your nice new bmw to back street garage would you ... or you wouldnt turn up at a bmw garage and offer them the work if they only charge 15% would you ... no chance

Martin: posted on 2012-12-20 13:56:19 is not a scam but it is carefull word choosing business. Basically they will forget about mentioning that they do not offer top position. For many people talking about google adverts and being above competitors and natural listing sound obvious and when you calculate budget the fixed price is up to 10 times better than standard per click cost you would need to spend. HOWEVER, they will offer for example POSITION NUMBER 6 which is obviously much cheaper and you can get this position in my opinion by simply lowering your cpc budget. This way you may spend for example spend £2000 for very little clicks a month. Google does not give any special deals to anyone.

Avdhesh Sharma: posted on 2012-12-12 18:00:55
Thanks for sharing this info. On Saturday i had a meeting with my client and he told me that one company in India is offering him unlimited clicks in just Rs. 10,000 which is around $250 and i was like wow. How come?? I do ppc for my client and i end up spending around $2000 every month to get them some good amount of traffic to website and that is also not unlimited. how these guys did that. Then i decided to find out the reason. I see that Ad was running only in Business hours time and not in the night which may be fine as this may be what client wants. Another thing. I targeted his ads and keep clicking on the ad for 3 days all the money he put was gone and now both the parties are fighting to show up the ad. :) this is how they do. So there is nothing called unlimted. Beware of these guys.

HeyJoe: posted on 2012-11-08 17:26:20
Great article, as a small business owner trying market ones business online , I get inundated with sales calls from PPC companies some of which miss lead business owners by saying they can get you the top of Google you don't find out until you question how they do this, its basically Google Adwords. Ive been called by some of the companies already mention, but what spurred me on to comment is the reply from Town Pages. You say that you have saved one client 9k a month just by taking over his Adwords campaign, where is the proof of this ? where is the glowing recommendation of this client ? after all you saved him 9k a month he sure wouldn't mind placing a few words on paper to confirm that fact. And as stated in your TOS your fixed in to a 12 month contract if not where is it stated its not ? This is what is so confusing about these PPC companies they say its fixed amount per month for unlimited clicks but then they add their 30% charge to look after your campaign. They also charge a set up fee of £99 and £99 a month for 3 keywords. So first month would be £198 then every month after £99 .. so is the 30% managing fee in that £99 ? And if anyone takes up this deal and wants to cancel after 3 months can they ? And why do they have to cancel by writing a letter and giving 30 days notice when if they can log into their Adwords account they can put the campaign on pause instantly. Its all misleading to me and it doesn't take much of a search online to find that business owners have been burnt by these promises of unlimited clicks for a fix fee a month. Btw. Ive heard these companies are getting your details from Hotfrog, it just happens I placed a listing on there and ticked a box NOT to have sales calls from 3rd parties but next day I did, be interested to know if anyone else has.

Lancashire Fire Protection: posted on 2012-10-17 13:28:55
Had RedGlow Solutons Ltd (0161 3003282) call me earlier today initially stating that they could cap my money adwords spend to £150. Spent 15 mins on the phone before I got them to admit that they couldn't do this and that they were in fact offering to manage my adwords account. Scammers - avoid.

mike@trade-focus: posted on 2012-10-10 20:31:24
hi I was wondering if you come across company called beseen1sst and what do you think about them. I m considering giving them my google campaign. Much obliged for you professional opinion Regards Michael

David Williams: posted on 2012-10-05 10:09:00
I had townpages contact me and I was sceptical when I got the terms and conditions through para 3.7 says:3.7 The Company agrees to permit the Customer unlimited click through on the AdWord Advertisement up to the amount of the Customer's Monthly Fee (excluding VAT). So it is not unlimited!

kevin: posted on 2012-10-04 12:03:28
very interested in your company have never tried a google adwords campaign could you email detail

c Oakes: posted on 2012-09-25 05:16:53
Hi I have been contact from saying they were from google adwords, told me my husband had said it was a great idea, they had been on our website and looked at our property, we would have top position on google! Alarm bells started to ring I asked how much $300.00 a month I said No thank you he put the phone down. BE CAREFUL you don't need to pay to get top position just have good keywords...

William: posted on 2012-09-11 21:00:35
NE Media Solutions from Manchester are without doubt the worst company I have dealt with. I could write a novel about how appallingly they treated me.

Lynne: posted on 2012-08-24 11:46:20
I had a call from townpages today offering the same thing - initially started by saying that Google passed information of searches and clicks over to them, I asked how they got this info ie everyone can get search info but how did they get the contact details that meant he could "pass leads and contacts" over to me. He couldn't answer just kept saying he would get me in the top 3 sponsored listings - guaranteed. He also kept saying he was a partner of Google, I said "adwords certified doesn't make you a partner does it though, you know that". Turns out I finally got him to admit that he manages a PPC campaign on the clients behalf. I can easily see how a non technical person could get fooled by it.

Andy: posted on 2012-08-10 02:10:53
A few months back I received a similar call from OM-P Marketing and the person that spoke to me was offering the same, except that the monthly price of the keywords that I chose was $600, since I had been already managing my own ads for some time I could tell that it was a bit expensive considering that I had been advertising under the same phrases, I refused the offer but still gave him a chance to explain what difference I could experience if they were to manage my account instead, and it made sense to me that I’d give them a chance to prove it for 1 month and if it works out then why not have them take over, it’s least to say that I have been a client with them for the last 6 month and I’m more than happy with the performance of my campaign, the person that I’m now contacting whenever I need to follow up on something or have any requests is very helpful and provides me with good ideas that help promote my business name, and my ad positioning has increased significantly from when I first started, sometimes I wonder if I haven’t given their offer a try I would have thought the same when my friend told me that they also called him up and he was sceptical about the offer as well and he did some researching online and found some comments mentioning they’re scammers, but from my experience with them I believe they have a real offer behind their sales pitch which maybe a bit aggressive but nonetheless legit.

Therese: posted on 2012-08-01 05:13:38
Hi All, OM-P Marketing Professionals is a fradulent 'business', scamming small Australian businesses. If anyone has been scammed by them, should report to ACC Scam Watch and Google Adwords. These links show many posts from businesses who have been sadly scammed by OMP Marketing. and

Dan: posted on 2012-07-18 08:40:03
I run and would like to offer some help for anyone having problems with Adwords scams. My advice is to pay companies by the hour and ask them to write down what they've done at the end of each month. It would take 5 minutes to setup 10 keywords and leave them to run. Also track your sales and know how much profit you are generating from Adwords.

frank Grillo: posted on 2012-07-04 14:42:36
I have dealt with OMP in Australia and its a scam . They will direct you to a site and show you your company name advertised on Google's first page . Once you pay everytime you search from your computer your name is there as promised search from your phone tablet or another computer it cant be found its a scam. Im getting calls from companies all over the world on a daily basis offering me this service .

Charlotte: posted on 2012-04-17 11:41:11
NE MEDIA Solutions, Manchester. SCAM - same old rubbish, taking money fraudulently from struggling small businesses. Also, since falling foul to £118 of nothing, I experienced fraudulent use of my debit card details for £200. BEWARE of who you give your card details to. I've learned the hard way.

Flakey: posted on 2012-04-12 14:42:47
Any one heard about Redglow in manchester/ They offer flat fee ppc google adwords to get you to number one page on google. They called today to say they had reserved number one space for me and no one else could have it for another 2 weeks while I make up my mind. Is this true?

jon: posted on 2012-03-22 15:12:27
Have had the same sort of phonecalls off three different companies in the last few days. When I questioned whether I would be charged per click they simply stated that they would put me on the front page of Google. They claim to be verified partners of Google and therefore get discounted rates - having spoke directly to Google about this I can confirm this is not the case.

Alissa: posted on 2012-03-13 00:13:11
DO NOT TOUCH E-RANKINGS either...... Claims that they can never live up to. Don't try getting in contact when you have problems either.... they won't bother you unless you are giving them money!

Edge Development Systems: posted on 2012-03-10 17:22:50
ITS A SCAM !! Edge Development System LTD is another one of Jamie Mcdougalls SCAMS, and for those of you that do not know who he is, type in ''dot com chrome or chrome-media'' into Google and READ ALL THE SCAMS THESE GUYS GET UP TO ! I have added several links YOU HAVE TO READ : This is a SCAM, the company claims to get you onto Google in the organic but DO NOT DELIVER. BEWARE! CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARDS!! BEWARE!!! Evidence: After I received a call from a Fast talking Brit offering me the world, it sounded too good to be true !! I researched this into full depth and LOOK what seems to be very ''STRANGE ???'' Edge Development Systems ( look at the registered address) Now compare this to .Com Chrome ( GOOGLE SCAM !!) read this ( Same Directors!! Same SCAM! Stay away !! Jamie is being investigated by Trading Standards and sooner or later they will close down or STOP opening these false companies ! THEY WILL NOT STOP, BUT BEFORE THEY CONTINUE TO SCAM PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. BE AWARE !! Edge Development systems scam- Another one of Jamie/Zac Leonards scam outfit now based in Stockport. Scam edge development systems!

Susan: posted on 2012-02-03 15:26:15
Breezemaxweb is a scam and is run by a scammer. He scammed other people via his MLM schemes. Beware before you do business with them. Your best to do your own google advertising, its easy just register direct with google.

Eugray: posted on 2012-01-12 17:14:48
Click Media Marketing has changed their telephone numbers to 0161 260 0360 Also now operating under interlink media name. DONT TOUCH THESE GUYS WITH BARGE POLE!!!!!!!! Caller named John Gower and his boss Samantha Watson DONT TOUCH THESE GUYS WITH BARGE POLE!!!!!!!! DONT TOUCH THESE GUYS WITH BARGE POLE!!!!!!!! They are a complete SCAM

Jane Glennie: posted on 2011-12-06 18:00:09
I run a Bed & Breakfast and since I got my own website I have had many calls saying they are from google and want to manage my website for me. They are aggresive and the numbers are always withheld.

Victor: posted on 2011-11-18 01:53:47
I got contacted by people who call themselves Online Marketing Professionals( a few days ago. With a very aggressive sales pitch they were promising for my website to be on a Google Adwords section 24/7. At that time I was quite busy, so I asked them to email me their prices, which they refused to do, instead insisting that they talk me through the packages. This was the first red flag, as I believe that any company that does not want to put their service fees in writing have something to hide. Once I mentioned that I have very little time to spend on the phone with them, they asked me if it is ok if they call me back later and meanwhile ask me to send them an AdWords report (I used to run AdWords campaign on my own) so they could analyse it and pick the best keywords for me. Now, as much as I appreciated them doing this for me, this exercise is actually a no-brainer since the report already contains all the necessary info, so all one needs to do is to sort it by one of the columns to see which keywords are the most effective. Another person emailed me the list of effective keywords for my business and shortly after yet totally different person called me back and gave a huge sales spill about how much business they could bring me, and that I don’t have to worry ever about my ad disappearing from the Google page, and that they will be sending us reports on frequent basis (which are accessible though Google website for free anyway) etc. After about 20min of selling their service, he finally mentioned their price: $23,320 per year paid upfront! That was such a shock and I said that there is no way that we could afford it. That followed by another 15min of heavy sales pitch. I insisted that we cannot afford it, and in reply to his sales pitch, my answer was that of course we would see results if we pour so much money into this, but I have at least 7-10 other marketing and advertising ideas in mind that would bring customers if I put some money into it, and it is very possible that return per dollar spent with those ideas will be a lot better than their service. He said that he understands and agrees that this is a large sum of money, so, what he offers is for him to talk to his manager to work out the best financial solution for me and get back to me in a moment. But if he comes up with a deal for me, I would need to accept it right away. He was using words “now or never”. That was definitely another red flag, and I said that I would need to discuss it with my business partners first and will not be able to accept his deal on the spot, but if he likes, he can have a chat with his manager (I don’t think they really do have a chat with anyone), and let me know they best price they can offer. He got back to me in a moment and offered a one month contract for $1,980. He said he swear his company does not make any money on this at all, and this is completely at cost to them. The irony was that this package was even more expensive per day ($66/day) as opposed to their annual price of $23,320 which comes to $64/day. When I mentioned this to him, i could swear I heard him having a giggle and trying to conceal it. That was the final red flag. I said I’m not interested, excused myself and we ended the call.

Shane: posted on 2011-11-10 10:36:41
Similar story been contacted my some unkown number and told me he was calling from OM-P marketing. It sounded to good to be true. Since I ran adwords campaign myself I knew each click is around 6-7$ and 1350$/month would last for around 7 days. Seems like a scam to me. The person on the phone even should my website on top of adwords and told me I have to make a instant decision.

Jim: posted on 2011-10-28 10:01:23
Just had a call from Was sold the typical bundle of unlimited clicks on 5 keywords of my choice for £149 per month. I specifically asked how they can offer clicks cheaper than others bidding for the same terms and was told “we buy clicks in bulk”. Has anyone ever heard Google admit to a 2-teir bidding system?

James S.: posted on 2011-10-26 23:43:46
I have been a customer of BreezeMaxWeb in Canada for over a year. I pay them a flat monthly rate to be on the first page of Google 24/7 for the top 10 keyword phrases in my industry. I have never left the first page since signing with them and would highly recommend to one and all. BreezeMaxWeb IS the real deal!

Michael Lancaster: posted on 2011-10-17 23:43:21
I have spent over £600 with Answeri-IT, this was PPC on Fascebook. They did not tell me it was PPC and they are chasing me for money because they said i should have gaven them 30 days notices i think they said.

Greg: posted on 2011-08-26 10:12:04
There is a company of con artists from Manchester trying to pass themselves off as Google. They will often block their number but will also use this number: 0161 998 3669. The sales pitch is; limitless top of the page google ads for £140 pm, payable by a one off debit/credit card payment! When I asked to them to email details they hung up. Enough said.

Luton boy: posted on 2011-08-18 20:04:46
Do not touch Click marketing with a barge pole, They take unauthorised money from your account and do not deliver what they say will. You cant talk to anyone they are a nightmare complete con artists.

Russ Cawley: posted on 2011-08-18 11:14:22
I am one of townpages most successfull account managers and all the clients in my portfolio know what they get and know how much they will spend with me each month on their campaigns. A client refered me to this thread yesterday and asked me to comment ( His SEO company were trying to up his spend and cut the budget he spends with me and used this thread). There are many companies out there who are interested in ripping people off but I personally run many accounts and am happy to answer any questions anybody may have on adwords campaigns. None of my clients are on the terms and conditions listed above and every one of my clients is on a month to month rolling agreement, each clients campaign is made to suit their needs and I have clients who spend as little as £100 per month to clients who spend in excess of £10k a month with me. Do you really believe clients would spend this sort of money without me providing them a good service and a huge return on investment? One of my clients was spending 25k a month on his own adwords campaign and running it badly, when he swapped his campaign and let me run it he reduced his spend to 9k a month and increased his enquiry rate… not only do I save my clients money I make them money. If you would like to forward any questions to me instead of tarring every company with the same brush please feel free to email me

Jay: posted on 2011-07-06 20:36:01
This is about Emi Polito’s comment 1/3/11. I am here because I subscribed to and have become extremely suspicious about their motives. Their admin is appalling. I paid for a business page on FB and it does not look as if any changes have been made since my daughter set it up. I am absolutely livid and eagerly expecting their explanation … Will be in touch with my card company tomorrow to dispute any more tranactions they may try to make having emailed them today to cancel. They were not even giving me a month of FB ads as promised …

Brian Chapman: posted on 2011-06-17 09:53:29
Hi there, Im in Sydney Australia, and we were approached by one and although skeptical, gave it a go. I Have say that so far they have done what they said. We are on the first page of google adwords and get unlimited clicks for the keywords we selected. Not really sure how they do it but at least I know its not a scam now! Ive only 1 month into my 3 month initial contract, but it is looking good so far.

Brian: posted on 2011-05-10 09:53:10
Just been approached by in Australia. Original offer $7000 for a year to be on 24/7 page one adwords. Then when I baulked, offer dropped to 3 months for $2000 for the keywords I need. Has anyone tried it and is it a scam!!!???

Sauna: posted on 2011-05-09 10:05:43
Great article, thanks a lot! Just got a call from some UK company, selling exactly the same… And with very aggressive attitude. My business is in Finland.

George: posted on 2011-04-19 00:25:28
Add to this list. Their funders have previously been involved with Pyramid Scams. Looks like they got a new “pet” to work with.

Leslie: posted on 2011-04-14 16:06:11
I have had the “pleasure” using Matchmaker & Zenith before with little success, now being chased by a new name however still run by the same people. Stay away fromm all these companies PRECISION MEDIA / MATCHMAKER MARKETING / STORM MEDIA / KEY WORLD MEDIA / PRECISION MEDIA / KEYWORLD MEDIA – They are all the same business.

mr right: posted on 2011-03-06 00:59:50
let me tell u all somthing. it does work guy’s her one example try search for clifton taxi nj in clifton nj but first make sure u change ur location on ggogle search to clifton nj 07011 and search for taxi and limousine . try “clifton taxi nj” u will find the first one on top is NEW JERSEY TAXI SERVICE 9733403333 OR CLIFTON TAXI SERVICE 9733404444 GOOD LUCK

Emi Polito: posted on 2011-03-01 22:15:56
Everyone be aware of a company based in Cheshire called Answer-IT Group(http://www.answerit- previously trading as Lavora Web Marketing, they re-branded themselves because they got caught by trading standards and the media doing disreputable business. This is their agenda (I talk by personal experience here): making it very hard for you to cancel your agreement with them and giving you no control over the campaign. They obtain this by: 1 – Applying a “letter only” cancellation notice policy so that it is difficult for a customer to prove, at a later stage, a cancellation request was sent in the first place. 2 – Applying a 30 days notice period on cancellation notices so it’s hard to time a cancellation request so that you don’t get charged another month of unwanted service. 3 – Once you send a cancellation letter, a member of their team will call you saying that rather than cancel the campaign you can “pause” it until when needed again. Then when you send them another letter of cancellation they will tell you your campaign was on pause and not cancelled and that they require 30 days notice so you’ll basically need to pay upfront for another month of unwanted campaign. This will repeat itself in a viciuos circle from which is difficult to permanently get out. Basically their tactic is to hold on to a customer as long as they possibly can squeezing out money out of them even when the customer no longer requires the service. 4 – Their payment charges are not standing orders or direct debit, quite conveniently for them, making it very difficult for you to cancel the transaction before hand, unless you cancel your card (or pretend you’ve lost it) so your credit card company will send you a new card. This is how you trap them: When you send the cancellation letter, make sure you send it recorded delivery and keep the receipt containing the tracking number (usually starts with “GB”). Keep a copy of the letter on your hard disk (the time stamp on the properties of the file will prove that the letter was not created or modified at a later date). Obtain proof of delivery (this will also contain a signature from the Lavora member of staff that in turn collected the letter) from the royal mail online tracking service. Let Lavora, or whatever they change their name to, charge you, then report the transaction as fraudolent and send your credit card company all said paperwork and any invoices containing Lavora Web’s trading address (this will also prove that Lavora Web and Answer IT group are the same trading company) and your credit card company SHOULD cover your loss, investigate the matter, and take action against them.

mel: posted on 2011-02-04 11:04:11
con…… Gmedia marketing solutions. paid £150 for top of google and down the right hand side?? Nothing absolutely nothing… they took our money food from my children’s mouths, shoes, clothes off there backs. A recession is what we are in and now i am going to be homeless. I hope Gmedia read this and feel sick to their stomachs.

Diana: posted on 2011-02-03 20:51:52
Another company to add: UK Business Utilities Ltd

Gavin: posted on 2011-01-21 11:04:36
Another company to add to your list:

Lisa: posted on 2010-12-07 20:51:57
i’m in Canada and I get these companies calling about weekly, no joke. Always someone different. I think I should start writting there names down. I doubt google can do anything though. But great article.

Rajen: posted on 2010-12-03 10:57:10
Has anyone heard of nationwide media solutions ltd.? ( They offered me £139 a month for 10 adwords – no additional pay per click charge! Are they scammers?

James – Croydon: posted on 2010-11-03 19:51:47
The problem is that they pray on the companies that dont know any better, bamboozle them with facts and figures and the hard sell. They make it too good to sound true but thats exactly what it is.

ANDREW: posted on 2010-10-28 16:49:54

Rob White: posted on 2010-10-28 16:49:19
Has anyone hear anything bad about a internet marketing company in the UK named: ? They are currently running a campaign for me and I’m not totally convinced that they know what they’re doing. The created a 10 key phrase PPC campaign for me but all of the ads looked almost exactly the same. not taking advantage of search words in the ads. Only in the broadest sense. Has anyone had dealing with these people? They offered me a 10 ad campaign with unlimited clicks for £150 per month. I’d be grateful of any feedback.

Kevin: posted on 2010-10-26 12:12:34
Sound advice, I have been working in internet marketing long before all these muppet’s jumped on the band wagon with the intention scamming ethical business people out of their advertising budgets, Lavora Marketing have the nerve to defend their business model, where are you boy’s now?? Back selling time share no doubt? We were possibly the first company to offer fixed fee google marketing campaigns and have thousands of clients who renew their contracts year in year out, however each campaign/contract is costed in accordance to the keywords/service sector the client is in and using analytical data an educated gamble is made on on a total cost of a 12 month contract!! It is laughable that some company’s are still trading given their business practice(£100 per month?), with keywords such as Personal Injury or Compensation I feel £5 per click is highly optimistic try £30-£40 per click dependant on your google quality score so to sum up if you have a realistic budget for the provision of personal injury leads/cases 1 set aside aprox £5K and get a google professional to manage the adword account and work out a structured campaign with monthly analytical data reports usual cost 15% of monthly spend 2. Get a good SEO consultant to work on your website once a month or continually 3. Find a good case referral company with a SLA (Service Level Agreement ) you can live with, Good Luck to you all, I only happened on this post researching a potential client I hope my comments help

suzy: posted on 2010-10-15 01:09:08
who is this group how can they offer unlimited clicks on page one for specific keywords at a flat rate? as you say – never heard of such an offer! alarm bells ….

Shumz: posted on 2010-09-27 15:56:46
reat article. I have a tourism business in South Africa and was also contacted by a salesman from Pole Position who claims to give me : Guaranteed 1st Page of Google every day for as long as you are with us 12 of the most searched key phrases for R2200 No Rolling Contracts Pay as you Go Marketing Average Position 1.8 Can I trust this guy?

chris: posted on 2010-09-14 14:09:37
Hi, I am based in Australia and have been approached by a company called omp but when I search I need to search om-p to find their website. I currently have a $600.00 a week ad words budget but they are offering me unlimited clicks with all of my key words plus some extras for $8000.00 per year. This sounds too good to be true. has anyone heard of this company, obviously I am reluctant to hand over any money.

Tiles Etc: posted on 2010-08-05 17:45:04
Good article, it confirmed my suspicions. We received numerous calls from a company called G-Media – who initially claimed to be calling from Google. They claim on their website and over the phone that for a fixed fee of £25/month (per key phrase) we could be in the top slot on the first page of google for our chosen key phrases. see them at at After receiving several calls, I told him that my boss won’t spend any money yet as neither he nor I have heard of such a scheme and that I have been asked to do more research. He launched into another sales pitch explaining the virtues but when I told him that I still need to do more research because my boss told me to – he said “forget it” and hung up. Now if that’s not a scam then what is ? A couple of other things that made my alarm bells ring, each time he called there was a lot of chitter chatter in the background – quite annoying really and then after a few minutes it would suddenly stop – as though the tape had come to an end. When I asked him for his number he gave me a mobile number, not a land line or even an extension no. I hope this helps others to avoid the scams. Tai Tiles etc.

Mushtaq Hussain: posted on 2010-07-12 16:16:35
Great article – these guys have been ringing us all week and just dont take no for an answer.