10 things i hate about the Iphone


After happily being with Orange for over 10 years and upgrading every year to the latest model I never had any reason to change network until my Blackberry self destructed and I was forced to shop around. The Blackberry had been a revelation to me and the guys at RIM were the defacto choice for any business owner wanting to enjoy email on the move. That was until Apple released the Iphone in 2007.

I was forced to look at other options when Orange tried to make me pay for an upgrade to the new Blackberry Storm when for 10 years they hadnt asked me for anything. Despite assurances from them that I was a valued customer and that Orange would be getting the Iphone I needed a new phone that day and couldnt wait any longer.

The Phone

The model I plucked for was the Iphone 3GS – 16GB on O2. £35 per month with 600 free minutes ect. Although happy with ability to surf and the wide range of apps my world was soon to come crashing down as the reality of an Iphone mixed with O2 came to haunt me.

1. 02’s Patchy reception:

Places where my Blackberry used to get full reception suddenly became blackspots. My In laws house, the office and various client locations instantly became blackspots for the Iphone. Unlike Orange phones O2 dont tell you that someone tried to get in touch with you with that handy text message – instead you sit unawares expecting the phone sitting in front of you with a couple of bars of reception to ring when called. IT DOESNT. It doesnt matter how many bars you think you have its hit or miss whether a call will get through.

It has come to the point that if i call a friend that has an iphone and I hear the answering machine I know to try again a few minutes later. Their phone isnt off – its merely not taking your calls.

2. Iphone Battery Life

Speak to the salesmen at Carphone Warehouse or the Apple Store and they will give you the spiel of 24 hour standby blah blah blah. The reality is far from 24 hours. My old Blackberry used to go 3 days between charges – yes the browser was crap but I didnt care – my emails were being delivered and you could always get through to me.

Charge your iphone in the morning and you might get home after work with 20% left. Thats assuming you didnt play any battery power zapping games or activate the 3G. Quick tip – to get the most from the limited battery life do the following:

– Turn off 3G and activate when needed
– Turn off Wi-Fi and only activate when needed
– Dont let your kids play games on the phone when on a long car journey unless you have an incar charger

3. Terrible Iphone Camera

Call this a camera? I could probably take a better picture with a £2 disposable and get the pictures developed free. Ignore the grainy, poor quality, apparently 2MP images – the shutter speed is so slow that you would struggle to take a picture of a snail. Any movement by your subject and you may as well forget about uploading it to Facebook, FlickR or Photobucket.

4. Constant App Upgrades

I love nothing more than trying out the wide range of free apps – enjoy the games which definately help me decide whether to buy the full version. What i cant deal with is the upgrades which all claim to fix bugs but in reality end up adding annoying banner adverts, slower start ups and in some cases kill the free app completely. Just not cricket..

5.Premium Rate Number Dialling Apps

Anyone who has kids will know that leaving them unattended with your iphone is big mistake especially when those grubby little mitts click on a banner and suddenly your phone is dialling a premium rate number and you have no idea its happening. I was charged £15 for a 3 minute call to a premium rate number and had to delete 3 free apps before I found the offending app (facegoo).

6.Iphone Accessories

Being treated like an iphone lepur because my phone doesnt have a tiger skin case or isnt blinged out in diamonds are all a case for major annoyance. I want my phone to make calls and collect my email. Its not a miniature dog that needs to kept under my arm for the world to see. When did the leather case become a faux paux?

7. High Cost Of Insurance

With a cost of between £10 and £15 per month Iphone insurance has got to be the biggest swindle on the planet – after my wife lost her phone and being quoted £400 to replace it a quick check with my home insurance policy and it was covered with only a £50 excess. Adding items not usually kept to your household insurance is quick and easy and a lot cheaper than insuring it with Carphone Warehouse and 02.

8. Having to use specific bluetooth headsets

Before my blackberry decided to self destruct I was happily using it with a Jawbone bluetooth headset. Noise cancelling technology, crystal clear sound and good looks – not to mention the £80 cost all money well spent at the time and now completed wasted. Later models now have iphone compatibility but mine doesnt. Cheers Apple.

9. Having to view my bill online

What happened to the days where you got a bill through the door and paid it? Companies save millions switching their customers to online billing but those savings are never passed onto the customer. How can i file my expenses with a bill I never see and that i have to log onto 02 website to view? Yes yes its saving the environment and all that but I still want it.

10. Lack of flash on the iphone

Come on Apple what were you thinking when you decided not to allow Flash to work on the Iphone. Flash is such a widely used technology and having to look at a blue blob is just plain annoying. Im a web designer and want to see the fruits of my labour visible on the iphone browser.

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Ryan posted on 12/12/2010 06:53:56

All that and tethering is not allowed, unlimited data streaming now means 1g p/m, now mine won’t sync with iTunes nor will it pair with my mac book via Bluetooth. Bottom line is am fed up with o2 and apple, I’m getting a blackberry, galaxy tab or an android mobile device instead. Only question wether or not to get rid of the 3G. If
The syncing can’t be resolved then I suppose it’s pointless keeping it. Oh and what network to switch to.

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